Odin’s Obsessions

I wanted to keep a list of some of Odin’s favourite things as he grows up. Every stage of his life has been so exciting, but the past few months have been extra fun as he learns to get around and eat all by himself.

Odin's Obsessions

Now at 11 months old, here are some of Odin’s favourite things:

Of Monsters and Men: Odin was never a big fan of “baby music”. I don’t know if it’s because he heard the Of Monsters and Men cd “My Head is an Animal” on repeat while he was in my belly, but this cd is his favourite. We have even taken him to see the band in concert. If he is fussy, all I have to do is pop this cd in and all is right in my little man’s world.

Boon snack containers: We have the Boon Snack Ball and the Caterpillar Stack. Both of these are amazing containers for families on the go. I love the Caterpillar Stack because it is made up of three separate compartments, which means you can bring a variety of snacks along in a single container (and they won’t get crushed – bonus!). The Snack Ball is great too, as my son loves to shake it likes. Rattle and play with it even when he isn’t snacking.

Woody doll: Perhaps we should have named him Andy, but Odin takes his Woody doll from the Disney store with him everywhere. My favourite thing is when he holds hands with Woody when riding in his stroller. The two of them have been inseparable since Odin was two months old.

OBalls: The Rhino Toys Oballs are great for little ones who are learning to pick up objects. We have the football (shocking!), soccer ball, ball with a rattle inside and a variety of the regular OBalls in various sizes. Odin has been a fan of these since he was a few months old, but now he is starting to get the hang of playing catch with them.

Crocheted football hat: Before Odin was born, I purchased this crocheted football hat from SmallBeansBoutique on Etsy. The hat was incredibly warm and of super quality, so we ordered him another one for this winter. Being the football-loving family that we are, this hat is perfect!

Foods: Some of Odin’s favourite foods this month are bananas, cheese, multigrain Ritz crackers, pancakes, apple sauce and eggs. Odin has never really been a fan of baby food, so now that he is a bit older it’s been fun letting him eat the foods that we eat.


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