I’ve Got a Case of Festive Fever!

Last Christmas we didn’t have a tree and we had minimal decorations. Odin was only a few weeks old last Christmas and we were spending the holidays away from our house with our families. Our house didn’t feel right to me. With the sleepless nights and the adjustment of becoming new parents, decorating for the holidays just wasn’t at the top of our list last year.

I love the holidays. When my grandmother was alive, she decorated for every holiday. I think her love of the holidays rubbed off on me.

This year, the Christmas season is going to be different around here (much to the dismay of my husband) because I have a case of festive fever! This year I am more excited than usual for the holidays. Maybe having a little one running around has played a role in this feeling? Or perhaps I’m trying to make up for last year.

We aren’t the ones to put our tree up the day after Halloween, but I can assure you that decorations will be making their way out of storage throughout November and the She & Him Christmas cd will be played…more than once 🙂 I have started making a list of all of the goodies that I want to bake this year, which I will cover in a future post. I have also been collecting Christmas books to read to Odin throughout December. A project that I started working on this week for our little man is an advent calendar filled with fun activities we can do as a family as we count down the days until Christmas.

I want Odin to look forward to the different holidays each year. I want to establish family traditions and create memories that Odin will tell his kids about And maybe even carry over into his own family. Does anyone else feel that the way they celebrate the holidays changed after having a child? I feel like it has happened to me.

When do you begin decorating for the holidays? What are some of your family traditions?


One thought on “I’ve Got a Case of Festive Fever!

  1. Christmas decorations will start in about a week with the light going up outside, followed by the tree after I paint the living room. I don’t see myself doing a lot of baking this year, mainly due to the fact that I eat most of it myself.

    Tradition-wise, we celebrate the German tradition of St. Nicholas on Dec 6th, a bit of Hanukah whenever it lands and opening new pyjamas on Christmas Eve. That’s also the date that we typically celebrate with friends. We serve up way too much good food and sit and talk. I’m looking forward to it already. It’ll be our last year for it in our current house. We move next year.

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