My Running Bucket List

A lot of people have lists of things they want to accomplish in their life, during the summer, etc. I have a lot of lists – things I need to do today, weekly dinner menus – there’s no shortage of notes in my agenda or on my iPhone. One of the lists I am most excited about is a list of all of the runs I’d eventually like to run. I’ve run quite a few half marathons in Ottawa and some shorter distance races in my hometown of Brockville. The races that are on my running bucket list combine my love of running with my love of travel. I’m constantly looking to add to this list too, so if anyone has any runs they’d like to recommend, please feel free to leave me a comment 🙂

This is what my running list looks like so far:

  • The Reyjkavic Half Marathon
  • The Nike Women’s Half Marathon on Washington DC
  • The Disney Princess Half Marathon
  • The Run Disney Dopey Challenge (a 5k, 10k, half marathon and full marathon on back-to-back days)
  • The Chicago Half Marathon
  • The NYC Half Marathon
  • Mayor’s Midnight Sun Marathon & Half-Marathon (Anchorage, Alaska)
  • The Other Half (Moab, Utah)
  • The Buffalo Bills Half Marathon (you finish on the football field, how could I resist?!)
  • Ottawa Race Weekend Full Marathon (with the hopes of running a Boston qualifying time)

…the Boston Marathon

A lot of people ask me if I plan on running a full marathon. A lot of people also tell me I should run a full marathon. My mom is convinced that I could qualify for the Boston Marathon at my current state and age. I have a little less confidence in myself, but I am finally ready to admit that I do intend on running a full marathon – and not just to say I did it.

I want to run Boston. I really do. It hit me while watching the 2014 Boston Marathon and tracking my co-worker online as she completed the gruelling course. I want to own a Boston Marathon jacket. I want to be able to tell my story about how I worked my way to Boston. Mostly, I feel like I have something to prove to myself. I’ve mentioned before that I constantly surprise myself when it comes to my running, so why not set my sights high?


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