19 Months of Odin Edward

June 29th marked 19 months since Odin was born. It’s been the most exciting adventure of our lives, and we can’t believe how much Odin had changed since he was born. He is such a little boy now with the most hilarious personality and a belly laugh that can make the gloomiest days awhile lot brighter.

Odin in WellandDSCN0252DSCN0257

Here are some of Odin’s favourite things right now:

  • Animals – Odin loves all types of animals. We take him for walks everyday down the street to check out the cows, horses and other farm animals. He waves to all of them and says “hi!”.
  • His cousins – We got to visit with Thomas and Matthew on the weekend and Odin loves these two so much. He searched all over my aunt’s house looking for them after they left.
  • Swimming – Odin is such a confident little guy in the water, which makes me so happy. He already loves splashing around and jumping in from the side.
  • The vacuum – Odin loves the vacuum cleaner so much that we bought him a toy Dyson so that we can actually get our vacuuming done without it turning into a fight over the vacuum cleaner.
  • Fruit – this kid cannot get enough watermelon. He also loves cantaloupe, bananas, honey dew melon, grapes, strawberries, raspberries and occasionally blackberries and blueberries.
  • Goodnight Moon – Odin’s favourite book by far is Goodnight Moon. You can hide it in a mix of all his other books and he will find it in two seconds. He brings the book to us and climbs in our lap, then insists that we read it to him 30 times in  row.
  • Jimmy Fallon and The Roots – We PVR the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, which Odin is currently obsessed with. He loves when Hashtag the Panda dances and he loves when the Roots perform. Not to mention the odd appearance from Jeff the Animal Guy.
  • The Cheesecake Factory – No matter which city we are in, Odin is definitely aware when he is at the Cheesecake Factory. He loves the bread and bananas that they give him when we arrive, and of course he loves sneaking some bites from mommy’s cheesecake.
  • Running – not surprising, but Odin started walking on his own at 9.5 months and shortly after started running everywhere. He definitely gets this from me.
  • Mega Bloks – Odin could build with his blocks for hours. He loves building tall towers and matching his blocks by colour.
  • Storytelling – Odin tells some pretty lengthy stories. Mostly just gibberish, but his favourite words right now are hi, bye, kitty, uh oh, and tay-tou (thank you).
  • His wagon – Odin loves his wagon. Whether it’s riding in the wagon or pulling it up the road by himself, he can’t get enough of it.

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