Date Night: The Michael Buble Edition

Back in the fall, Michael Buble announced a tour, and he would be making an Ottawa stop. My husband really, really, wanted to go, so I bought tickets for us for Christmas. Ryan loves Michael Buble. I on the other hand, think he is super funny when he does interviews, and is tremendously talented, but am was indifferent on whether or not I was a fan of his music. However, because of how talented he is, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed.

The concert finally took place last week and to say I loved every second of it would be an understatement. The opening act, Naturally 7, blew my mind. They are incredibly talented and many people were convinced that there was a band playing behind the curtains, when in fact, it was just the seven members of the group, singing and sounding like a band with their vocals. The performed ‘Fix You’ by Coldplay and I was sold. We’ve been Youtubing their performances for a few days now. I highly recommend checking them out.

Michael Buble in Ottawa

Then it was time for Mr.Buble. He sang a few songs and got right into interacting with the audience. There was a man holding a sign that read ‘Please help me get lucky tonight. Take a picture with my wife’. Buble took a picture with the guy and his family, and they even had a gift on hand for Noah, Buble’s son, who was also there. Buble cracked a few more jokes about Ottawa and hockey, and got back into the music. The rest of the concert was that way, which is so refreshing, as many artists these days barely interact with the audience.

Michael Buble in Ottawa

His band is comprised of so many talented individuals, and his strings section for the night was local to Ottawa. During the final song of the night, Buble sang sans microphone and we could hear every word clearly, and we were almost in the last row of the arena – now that is what I call talent. His voice is so strong and he makes singing look so effortless. He performed for two hours and claimed that he didn’t want to leave – and I think everyone else in the crowd would have been alright if he just kept going 😉


Many of the people there were guys being dragged out by their girlfriends/fiancees/wives, but in our case, it was the opposite – and I am so thankful for it! We had an amazing time and I felt like I should have been throwing more money on the stage, as we got way more than our moneys worth. If Michael Buble is ever in a city near you, I highly recommend going, even if you aren’t a huge fan. I’m more of a Foo Fighters/Rise Against/Pearl Jam person and I went straight home after the concert and loaded all of Michael Buble’s songs onto my iPod. I seriously cannot even put into words how amazing the concert was. It’s one of those things you just need to experience.


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