Weekend Recap

I’ve always been a fan of the weekend, but lately I find myself looking forward to the weekend even more than usual. Perhaps it’s because it’s summer, but  it’s also because it means more time with Ryan and Odin. In the past few weeks, Odin has been changing everyday. He starts saying new words/phrases and develops new interests everyday. It’s such an exciting time!

As far as the World Cup goes, it was a disappointing weekend in our house with losses for Brazil and Argentina.

On Friday when we got home from work, we picked up Odin and went to Ryan’s parents house for his brother’s birthday. We were able to stay and visit for a bit before heading back home so that Ryan could have a quick nap before heading back into Ottawa for an overnight shift at the hospital.

On Saturday, Odin and I got up and made waffles for breakfast, watched some Jimmy Fallon on the DVR while we ate and then went for a walk to see the cows and horses at the farms down the road. After our walk we spent forever playing with Mega Bloks while Ryan slept.

odin khan

The boys sat down to watch the Brazil/Netherlands game while I went for a long run. After dinner, we took Odin for another walk to say goodnight to all of the farm animals. We went downstairs to watch some tv, and while we were playing, Odin fell and hit his head on the coffee table, which meant we were in for a long night and a trip to the hospital. We finally got back home and in bed around 1:30am.

Sunday, we were all exhausted. It was raining, which was totally fine with us, as we could use a lazy day. In between some episodes of Orange is the New Black and the World Cup final, we did laundry, vacuuming and a few other chores, as one of my closest friends was coming over for dinner and we didn’t want our house to look like a complete disaster. We had a wonderful dinner and visit, and Odin had tons of fun showing off his new tricks. Once my friend left, we started getting Odin ready for bed, which is the equivalent of herding a million cats.

Then Monday morning arrived. Still sleep deprived from Saturday, I hit snooze and did not get up for my morning run. It was probably for the best, as I seem to be having a major case of the Monday’s. Is it Friday yet?


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