Feelin’ Like Fall…In August

It’s bad enough that we had what seemed like the longest winter ever here in Ottawa, but this week it feels like summer left us too 😦 I love, love, love fall, but I’m not ready for it yet. Ready for football, yes, ready for chilly weather, not so much.

Patriots Game

Here are some of the things I’m loving right now, as well as things we love about the fall:

  • Football – we are die hard Patriots fans in our house. Odin has loved football since he was three days old (I’m not even joking) and attended his first NFL game at 9 months old. This fall, we are fortunate enough to be going to see the Patriots in Buffalo and then 5 days after that, watching the Patriots play at home in Foxborough!
  • New England in the fall – we will be in Boston and Vermont in October and I can’t wait. It’s the perfect time to be going there, not to mention, lots of football too 🙂
  • Starbucks Salted Caramel Mochas – my favourite fall drink will be returning soon!!
  • Essie nail polish in hot coco – I love this shade for fall. You can check it out here.
  • Oiselle Hayward Track Pants – I usually don’t like pants that come in at the ankle, but these pants are an exception. So comfortable and the material is unlike any other. It’s not a surprise that I love these pants, considering I’ve fallen in love with every piece of clothing I’ve purchased from Oiselle. I’m rocking these pants today because it’s a wee bit cold in Ottawa today, and I love any excuse to wear these pants 🙂
  • Nuun Hydration – I’ve recently started using the Nuun Hydration tabs and I love them. The grape flavour is my favourite so far. I ordered some of the Nuun Energy tabs and can’t wait to try those.

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