Planning a Trip to Boston!

In October we will be heading to Boston and I cant’ wait. for. this. trip!

Our trip takes us from our home, down to Buffalo, NY and then down to Boston. We have tickets for the Patriots in Buffalo on October 12 for our 4 year wedding anniversary, and then we have more tickets for the Thursday night game in Foxboro, where the Patriots will play the Jets. We are a football loving family, so we are so pumped about this trip! Odin has had a love for football since he was 3 days old, and already know what “Tom Brady throws” and “what Gronk catches”- see his touchdown arms below:



When we arrive in Boston, my husband is driving me to a spot where I can run the dreaded Newton Hills. I’ve mapped out a 10km stretch of the Boston Marathon route to run, and it’s going to be hilly! I eventually hope to run the Boston Marathon one day, so I wanted to run part of the route while we are there, and it just made sense to run the toughest part. I know it won’t equate to the experience of running the hills approximately 25km into the 42.2km run, so I will savour the run, because hopefully the next time I set foot on those hills, it will be as a marathon participant 🙂

We plan to spend time in Boston, going to Cheers, some running shops, TD arena, Fenway, then spend a day on Cape Cod, and then game day in Foxboro at Patriots Place and the Patriots hall of fame.

Food stops include Wahlburgers, the Cheesecake Factory (a must in every city we travel to) some yummy seafood on the Cape (looking for restaurant suggestions!) and of course Dunkin’ Donuts.

I’ve mentioned a few of our plans for our trip, but we are also looking for suggestions! Feel free to leave a comment with any of your Boston “must-sees/must-dos”!



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