In the Home Stretch for Half Marathon Training

The Army Run Half Marathon that I am registered for takes place in just a couple of weeks. I feel ready to run the race if I had to run it tomorrow – which is a good feeling, and a bad one at the same time. I am afraid that I might hit a wall between now and race day. I just hope that I will be able to run the race the way I’ve been running lately – I’m also interested to see how the adrenaline of a race impacts me, as I haven’t raced a half marathon since the Army Run in 2011.

This is probably the first half marathon that I’ve properly trained for, taking the time to get longer runs in and fuelling my body properly. Two of my new go-to products are Nuun hydration and energy tabs, and Picky Bars. I will do a lengthier post on each of those products soon – they each require their own post because I have a lot say about why I love their products!


With the weather getting slightly cooler, I’ve been able to run more with the jogging stroller, which I find helps me get stronger, as you need to put in a lot more effort to push that, and a 25 pound kid, up a bunch of hills (or against strong winds, which always happens).

I remember that the first handful of half marathons I ran took a lot out of me and once the race was over and I was back home, I was done for the day, and could barely walk for a week afterwards. Obviously a lot has changed since then, from the way I train to the way I eat, I’ve made a lot of positive changes, and I can feel it. I’ve been clocking paces between 4:20/km – 4:30/km on runs that are 20km or a little more (which are paces I’ve worked really hard to reach), and I don’t feel exhausted after. I feel like I’m working hard when I’m running those paces, but when I get home, I’m able to carry on with my day and sore muscles are a non-issue. I’m really hoping I can continue to push and surprise myself come race day.

To me, running is a very personal sport and I don’t pay attention to how fast others are running, I simply pay attention to my own race, my own pace and my own times. My best time for a 21.1km run to-date is 1:34:56. I’m hoping to beat that on race day – and to be perfectly honest, I have my hopes set on a sub 1h 30min run – but I won’t beat myself up over a time that is slower than that, because I have already achieved so many of my running goals this year that I thought were unattainable.


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