Nuun Fuels My Run

With the hotter summer weather I was running in, I was noticing that no matter how much water I was consuming, I still felt dehydrated on occasion. After running a long run, I was running in the door straight to my fridge and downing glass after glass of water. During runs, I felt myself getting thirsty, which was rare for me, as I can usually run 22-23km without consuming any water during the run. With a half marathon on the horizon, I didn’t want to risk being dehydrated during training (or even worse, on race day).

I knew I needed to add something to my water, especially for longer runs and ones in hotter weather, but aside from Gatorade-type drinks, I wasn’t exactly sure where to look. I was first introduced to Nuun tabs earlier this year when reading a few different running blogs. After some further reading, I knew I needed to try these out.


I’m not one for Gatorade, I even find G2 to be too sweet and sugary. I really enjoy the flavour of Nuun and the minor fizz it has doesn’t bother me either. I have tried a lot of the different flavours, as well as regular Nuun hydration and Nuun Energy tabs and so far I haven’t found a flavour I don’t like.  The tabs come in a plastic tube, making them easy to carry around. Since they are tabs, they are also mess free, which is another bonus. My son loves watching me toss a tab into my water bottle, as the tabs react to water just like alka-seltzer tabs. He gets so excited and shouts “Woah! Woah! Look!”.

I’ve been using Nuun tabs for the past 6 weeks or so and they work for me and I’d definitely recommend them to my friends! Aside from tasting great and being easily portable, Nuun tabs do the job and have helped me stay properly hydrated throughout the thick of half marathon training.

*This post was not sponsored. The product was purchased for my own use and I wanted to write my own review so that others were aware of a product that could help them solve their hydration issues 🙂


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