I’ve Joined the Picky Club!

In a post last week I mentioned that I had tried Picky Bars and absolutely loved them! I had read about Picky Bars in a number of blog posts, and also through Oiselle‘s social media feeds, as Lauren Fleshman, a pro runner for Oiselle, was one of the three co-founders of Picky Bars.


I loved the story about the company and the thought that has been put into all of their products. You can read more about the science and nutrition behind Picky Bars here. I had gotten in the habit of running on an empty stomach, which isn’t ideal. I needed proper fuel if I was going to be able to run at my best. At the time, I was on the hunt for something that I could eat quickly, provided proper fuel for long runs, was natural and of course, something that tasted good. After perusing their site, I came across the Picky Club, which is a monthly membership program where you can choose the number and types of bars you want to receive each month (you can change these combinations up over time) and they will be mailed to you. Living in Canada, it means that I can’t have my Picky Bars shipped to my door, but I can have them shipped to the UPS store in Ogdensburg, which is roughly 45 minutes away.

For my first month, I ordered 12 bars and tried 3 different flavours – Lauren’s Mega Nuts (there’s an awesome story about how this bar got it’s name), Smooth Caffeinator and Cookie Doughpness. I really liked the taste of all three bars and I liked that I felt full but not heavy. After having a Picky Bar, I noticed I had more energy on long runs – and I wasn’t walking through the door and running straight for the snack cupboard. It was a win-win situation. It’s also the perfect pre or (and) post race snack for the half marathon I’m participating in in a few days.

Another bonus: I received a really awesome free t-shirt for joining the club 🙂


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