Canada Army Run Half Marathon Recap

On Sunday, I participated in the Canada Army Run Half Marathon. This was my first race since the Army Run in 2011, before I had Odin, so I was getting pretty excited to get back to racing,

Saturday night looked a lot like this:


I packed dry clothes in my backpack, as the forecast for Sunday was pretty gloomy looking, and full of rain. I got my bib and race outfit ready – the Oiselle Winona tank and Scantron bra were a must. I made sure my Garmin and iPod were charged, and packed my race fuel – Nuun, Picky Bars and Jelly Belly Sport Beans.

Sunday morning I met up with Dawn, who was also running the half, and who happens to also be in the middle of training for the Marine Corps Marathon near the end of October.

My colleague and friend, Dawn Lomer and I before the Army Run

My colleague and friend, Dawn Lomer and I before the Army Run

Ryan and Odin came to the race to cheer everyone on:


The Canada Army Run is so much more than just a race, it’s an experience. It’s such an inspiring event, and when you feel like you want to stop running, there are a million reasons around you to remind you to keep going. From military bands playing along the route, to the blackhawk style helicopters that flew overhead during the run, and getting to run through Rideau Hall this year, this race was top notch. I’m still trying to digest my race results:

  • 4th place F25-29.
  • 21st Female overall.
  • 268th out of 12 147 runners.
  • Time: 1:34:01

These results are beyond my wildest expectations. A number of years ago I was told that running wasn’t an option for me. And since that day, I have repeatedly surprised myself. This was my first run as part of the Oiselle Flock – my race kit is still in the mail, which is why I wasn’t wearing it. Instead of a typical finisher medal, the Army Run hands out military style dog tags, which are super cool, and I love the message on the back:

Canada Army Run 2014 Dog Tags

As another perk, my husband bought me a new pair of running shoes for setting a PR (that man knows the way to my heart đŸ˜‰ ):

Mizuno Wave Hitomagi Running Shoes

If anyone is looking for a unique race with an indescribable atmosphere, I strongly recommend the Canada Army Run. I know I will be coming back for more in 2015! A huge thank you to all of the race organizers and volunteers – this run wouldn’t be what it is without all of you!


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