Odin’s 22 Month Favourites/Update

It’s super hard to believe that in two short months, Odin will be turning 2! I feel like time has gone by even faster since he turned 1. Odin is at a stage where he is into everything – and has outsmarted our kitchen cabinet locks – and is constantly on the go. It’s a fun stage, but also exhausting, but I wouldn’t change a thing about it. I also feel like Odin is more fun for other people now. I have always found him fun, but now that he is capable of doing more and is talking, I feel like our family and friends are able to enjoy him that much more.


I feel like this picture sums u Odin right now. He is a curious little explorer, learning new things about the world around him, and of course, he loves animals (there are chickens roaming under the apple tree).

Some of the things I want to remember about this stage are:

– Funny sayings – instead of saying ‘thank you’ when you do something or give something to Odin, he now says ‘I welcome’. When he closes a door or is moving backwards, he says ‘boop, boop, boop’ like a truck backing up.

– Odin loves trucks, tractors and any type of large moving vehicle. When we are driving he sits in his carseat and shouts “woah, look!” every time one of those types of vehicles drive by. There are a few farms near our house, so our daily walks usually include a few “woah, look”s when the tractors are out.

– Although Odin is going through a picky eater phase, when he likes a food, he really lets you know and it really comical when eating it. He will make really loud ‘mmmm yum!’ sounds and eats so quickly that if you blink, you’ll miss it 😉

– He always wants us to sit beside him when he is working on crafts or puzzles. He pats the ground beside him, looks at me and says ‘mama!’. So then we sit together a work on puzzles for hours 🙂

– He can still be snuggly. Mostly when he is tired or has just woken up, Odin is the snuggliest little guy and I love it, because I know that he won’t be snuggly forever.

– Odin doesn’t want to miss anything. He runs everywhere and constantly asks to be lifted up if he can’t see something. I love the little explorer side of him!

– Although he is super independent, he shows us he still misses us. He loves his daycare, but one of my favourite parts of the day is when we pick him up after work and he runs into my arms. It’s simply the best.


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