Race Day Hangover

I don’t really know if race day hangovers are real, or maybe it’s a post-months-of-training hangover. Whatever it is, it kinds sucks. After running the Canada Army Run half marathon on Sunday, I took my runs easy this week, and was starting to think about the 10km race I’d registered for at the end of October, but now that race is cancelled. There are no other races on my schedule 😦

Now I’m back to running with no real purpose. No goal time to achieve. I’m running for the sake of running – which is totally alright too, because I seriously love running. I rarely feel like I have to run. I want to run. I feel better when I run. My mood is always better when I run.

Maybe now I should look at some spring races and register for those. That way I can train properly again and be completely prepared for a spring race like I was for the Army Run.

For those of you who run, how do you deal with post-race feelings? Do you register for a lot of races each year to avoid this? Do you stick to a couple of races a year and work really hard towards goals for a couple of specific events? I’d love to hear what you have to say, so feel free to leave a comment 🙂

Happy Friday!


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