This is 50: My Mom’s Surprise Birthday Party

On October 4th, it was actually my dad’s 51st birthday, but we used that as a decoy for having a surprise party for my mom’s 50th birthday which is actually on October 15th. We did our best to keep the party a surprise, and it worked, because our mom was super shocked when she arrived.

The plan was that my dad was going to tell my mom that he didn’t want to make a big deal out of his birthday and that he wanted to go out for dinner just the two of them. It was an easy story for everyone involved to commit to and was very realistic.

After a long week, my mom texted one of her friends (just before arriving) that was at the party and mentioned that she didn’t really feel like taking my dad out for dinner because she was exhausted from everything that was going on. Little did she know, but the dinner was actually for her. When her friend showed us the message, we knew she was still in the dark about the surprise. We saw my parents pull into the parking lot and my sister and I took Odin to meet them at the door. Her reaction was priceless, I wish I had recorded it.

I was so happy to surprise my mom with this party. I know it meant a lot to her to have friends and family with her to celebrate her birthday. We had lots of yummy cake and Odin provided hours of entertainment for everyone. Here are some of the pictures from her party:








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