What’s In My Running Drawer

Aside from the two drawers in my dresser that are overflowing with Oiselle gear, I also have a running drawer, which is where I stash my must-have running accessories and other goodies.

Credit for this idea goes completely to fellow flock-mate Emily Hess – you can find her blog here and find her on Twitter at @profhesser.

Here is what my running drawer consists of:


  • Picky Bars – I’m part of the Picky Club, which means I get my bars mailed to me every month. When my shipment arrives, all of my bars go directly into this drawer. As you can see, my supply is a little low (since there are none in the picture), but my bars for this month will arrive this week 🙂
  • Nuun – Nuun is my go-to for hydration and electrolyte replenishment. I can’t do Gatorade or other ‘sport drinks’, so I’m thankful that I found Nuun! Simply pop a tab in your water bottle and it’s ready.
  • Hand held water bottle – I’m not a fan of fuel belts, so for my long runs, I take this with me to stay hydrated. I’d rather carry the small bottle as opposed to having the extra weight of a fuel belt around my waist.
  • Jelly Belly Sport Beans – These offer a little something sweet for extra long runs. I love the raspberry ones!
  • iPod charger, Garmin charger, Garmin – I leave all of my gadgets in this drawer so that I always know where they are – and this way they are out of Odin’s reach. He likes to hear my Garmin beep and pull my headphones out of my iPod repeatedly.
  • Hurraw lip balm – This brand has become my lip balm go-to. I have a bunch of different ones, including one with SPF in my drawer.
  • Bib belt – I only use this on race day and it was given to me by a coworker who also runs. I love this belt because it holds my race bib in place without having to put holes in my shirts. It’s also easy to wear and I tend to forget it’s around me.
  • Oiselle tattoos, buttons and stickers – With every order I place directly with Oiselle, there are a few of these items included in every box. My son ran away with the ones I had taken out of my drawer for the picture.
  • Spare inhaler – I have asthma, so a backup inhaler is important.

I had also kept some winter running accessories in my drawer, but I hardly run outside in the winter anymore because my awesome husband bought me a treadmill two years ago when I was pregnant with our son. I thought he was crazy for spending so much on the treadmill, but I think him everyday, as it was seriously one of our best investments.

The next thing I’m going to have to make room for in my drawer is my Believe Training Journal, co-authored by pro-runner and Picky Bar co-founder Lauren Fleshman. You can preorder yours here (and they’ll send you some Picky Bars to hold you over until the journals ship!).

What’s in your running drawer?


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