Stocking Ideas for a Mother Runner

Depending on the person, gift giving can be a difficult task. I’m the type of person that buys for someone based on their interests. As a runner and a mom aways on the go, I’d be satisfied if my stocking contained Starbucks gift cards, some Oiselle arm warmers and tubes of Nuun. With the holidays quickly approaching, I decided to round up a few things for the ‘mother runner’s’ stocking.

1. Gift cards – these are an obvious stocking stuffer, but they offer a picky person (like myself) some freedom. Gift cards for someone’s favourite stores are a great idea, as it demonstrates that you know what they like, but that there may be something specific that they have their eye on.

2. Picky Club Membership – The Picky Club from Picky Bars is a service that sends Picky Bars to your door each month (in the US) based on your membership level. This membership is a great idea for a mother runner on the go, in need of healthy fuel.

3. Oiselle Arm Warmers – Perfect for in-between season running, arm warmers are a great solution for weather transitions. The flow arm warmers from Oiselle have been on my mind for months and maybe this Christmas they will be in my stocking 😉

4. Oiselle Rundies – This underwear set is practical for a mother runner, but also adds a bit of humour – a little laugh is always a good thing 🙂

5. Nuun – Nuun is a great hydration product for every mother runner (and every runner in general). Nuun tubes are perfect for those on the go and fit neatly into any stocking.

6. Handmade running jewellery – There are a lot of great Etsy shops that sell handmade jewellery for runners. One particular shop, The Run Home, has a wide variety of hand-stamped jewellery that any mother runner would love.

These are just a few ideas that I wanted to share. What are some other things you would put in a stocking for a mother runner?



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