Oiselle Wednesday: The Scantron Strappy Bra

It’s a little bit odd that I’m writing about a running bra, but when you run as much as I do, you realize how important this piece of clothing really is. A bad running bra can be painful. Finding the right running bra is like finding a four leaf clover – except you can order a bunch of them online once you find the perfect one (you know, in case they get discontinued, it’s the end of the world – or something like that).

On my quest for the perfect running bra, it didn’t surprise me that Oiselle would be the maker of the one I fell in love with. The Scantron Strappy Bra – coincidentally on sale right now – is my go to running bra. I had regular, cheap sports bras that would lose shape, were too big and lacked support. They just didn’t cut it.

After having my son and once I was done breastfeeding, my quest for the perfect running bra began. The Scantron Strappy Bra (SSB) was the first one I bought from Oiselle and I was immediately in love. This will forever be my go to running bra.

TMI alert – breastfeeding took a toll on certain body parts, so I didn’t have a lot that needed to be supported, but I like that the SSB was tighter in fit, the material doesn’t stretch out or sag over time, and the double straps were a nice change from the standard thicker straps commonly on sports bras. The double straps are also nice because I clip my iPod onto one of the straps, because I’m one of those people that needs music when I run.

The straps don’t slide around and there’s no chaffing (even when running a half marathon in the pouring rain and not wearing any glide). I consider myself to have broad shoulders, and found the bra to fit true to size (I wear a small comfortably).

I love pairing the SSB with the Winona tank from Oiselle:



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