Third Time is a Charm?!

To say we’ve had a lot going on lately would be an understatement. One thing that seems to be a common trend though is that the third time seems to be a charm. We listed our house three separate times and on the third time it sold. Also, I suffered two miscarriages in 2014, only to find out the day before Odin’s second birthday that I was pregnant – the third time in 2014. The difference? I am still pregnant.

Seeing a + on the pregnancy test evoked a lot of emotions – I was too scared to get excited, because I had miscarried twice between 5.5 and 6 weeks pregnant. Once week 5 day 4 rolled around, I found myself holding my breath. This would be a trend for almost everyday until I hit 8 weeks pregnant. Except for the time I started bleeding at 6 weeks pregnant, the bleeding stopped after a few hours and I rushed to the hospital to learn (to my surprise) I didn’t miscarry – I was still pregnant! Now, shy of 17 weeks, I find myself still holding my breathe, but beginning to breathe a bit easier each day.

As soon as I got a positive test, I went straight to my doctor. He had told me after miscarriage #2 that he wanted to do some blood work the day I got a positive test. So I did. Then, it was weekly blood work, appointments and the occasional ultrasound. It was very different than when I was pregnant with Odin. With Odin, I got pregnant on our first attempt and had a super smooth pregnancy and delivery. I felt reassured with the additional doctor’s appointments, but it was so hard to not get too far ahead of myself – which honestly, is kind of sad, but that was my headspace. I knew all to well what could happen, and my bubble had already been burst a few times within the year.

Now, my perspective has become brighter and I worry less about what could happen and simply enjoy being pregnant and getting through each milestone. I’m so, so excited for Odin to become a big brother!

From this point out, I’ll be sharing weekly pregnancy updates and am also willing to answer questions anyone has. Dealing with conception can be frustrating, but no one needs to go through it on their own 🙂


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