Week 18

I felt like the first trimester was NEVER going to end. I had weekly doctors appointments and blood work, I was extremely sick and keeping the pregnancy a secret over the holidays isn’t an easy task. But we managed, and here we are, two weeks away from being halfway there!

How far along are you: 18 weeks.

Cravings: Billy Miner pie from The Keg. When I get a craving, it’s always very specific.

Weight gain: 7-8lbs, differs based on the day and time.

Maternity clothes: I still can’t believe I’m typing ‘no’ right now. The bump is finally starting to make an appearance though:


Movement: Not much. The occasional flip or flop, but that’s all. It was the same way with Odin. I rarely ever felt movement or Braxton Hicks, even though both of those things were happening.

Gender: Waiting until delivery to find out.

Best moment this week: Finally getting into a routine. With the move and starting a new job, the last month has been pretty hectic. We also FINALLY got our fridge delivered – it was a very long debacle and I’m so glad it’s over. We also got to visit with Ryan’s grandmother and some of his uncles, and my family got together for dinner at our new home on Sunday. It was nice to have everyone together, and of course, Odin loved showing off his new big boy room.

Running: This week my blood pressure (which is pretty low to begin with) dropped even more, and I’ve developed anemia again with this pregnancy (it’s amazing how the second trimester is a mirror image of my pregnancy with Odin), which had me feeling a bit sluggish for a couple of days. I still managed to run 5 of 7 days for a total of 57km. At this point in my pregnancy with Odin, I think I had dropped down to 5km per run and was maybe running 4 times a week. However, back then it was a really hot summer and I didn’t have a treadmill like I do now. It’s been absolutely freezing here, so my weekly mileage would likely be a big fat zero if it weren’t for my treadmill (too icy and slippery – too afraid of falling).


2 thoughts on “Week 18

  1. I’m Just about a week or so ahead of you! I’ll be 20 weeks in a couple of days. I haven’t started blogging this pregnancy yet but am planning to start this week! I’m glad I came across your blog; I enjoy reading about other’s pregnancies,especially if their due dates are close to mine!

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