Fans of Football Sunday

In our house, Sunday’s are for football. Odin was born on a Thursday, and on the Sunday was already hooked on football (he may have only been a few days old, but it’s true). It was likely the vibrant green of the football field that caught his attention, but then we also noticed him sleeping with his arms up at the sides of his head in the ‘touchdown’ position. IMG_0277 Football season isn’t very long, so on Sunday’s you can find us watching the games, cheering on our Patriots and cooking up goodies from our ‘football menu’ – mostly very yummy, but not the healthiest snacks. Happy football Sunday everyone! Patriots Game


Feelin’ Like Fall…In August

It’s bad enough that we had what seemed like the longest winter ever here in Ottawa, but this week it feels like summer left us too 😦 I love, love, love fall, but I’m not ready for it yet. Ready for football, yes, ready for chilly weather, not so much.

Patriots Game

Here are some of the things I’m loving right now, as well as things we love about the fall:

  • Football – we are die hard Patriots fans in our house. Odin has loved football since he was three days old (I’m not even joking) and attended his first NFL game at 9 months old. This fall, we are fortunate enough to be going to see the Patriots in Buffalo and then 5 days after that, watching the Patriots play at home in Foxborough!
  • New England in the fall – we will be in Boston and Vermont in October and I can’t wait. It’s the perfect time to be going there, not to mention, lots of football too 🙂
  • Starbucks Salted Caramel Mochas – my favourite fall drink will be returning soon!!
  • Essie nail polish in hot coco – I love this shade for fall. You can check it out here.
  • Oiselle Hayward Track Pants – I usually don’t like pants that come in at the ankle, but these pants are an exception. So comfortable and the material is unlike any other. It’s not a surprise that I love these pants, considering I’ve fallen in love with every piece of clothing I’ve purchased from Oiselle. I’m rocking these pants today because it’s a wee bit cold in Ottawa today, and I love any excuse to wear these pants 🙂
  • Nuun Hydration – I’ve recently started using the Nuun Hydration tabs and I love them. The grape flavour is my favourite so far. I ordered some of the Nuun Energy tabs and can’t wait to try those.

Family Favourites: The Iceland Edition

In October 2011, Ryan and I took a trip to Iceland. We had always wanted to go there, and after speaking with representatives from Icelandair at a local travel show, our desire to travel to Iceland intensified. During the summer in 2011, I received an email announcing a price drop on one of the Iceland packages we had been looking at, and before I knew it, we had our flights booked. We were going to Iceland to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary!

During our trip, we covered a lot of ground and came across a number of things that will bring us back to Iceland – hopefully sooner rather than later. Iceland had a huge impact on us even though we were there for a very brief time (we even ended up naming our son Odin).

IS 1

Here’s a list of some of our Iceland favourites:


Icelandair made our trip flow so smoothly. From booking our tickets and being able to purchase shuttle tickets to our hotel while checking out with our trip package (which was equally as awesome, as our day trips were already included in the package we selected), it was nice to take care of everything in one spot. The flight to Iceland was overnight, and the blankets they gave us on the flight we so soft and snuggly – I still talk about these blankets regularly and would love to get my hands on one to have at home 😉

Farmer’s Market:

A lot of people don’t realize that it doesn’t actually get that cold in Iceland. If anything, the wind is what makes it feel colder out. Being Canadian, we have long, cold winters, and I’m always trying to find gear that will keep me warm in the winter. I bought a hat from Farmer’s Market on our trip and I still wear it today. I ordered another hat a few weeks ago from their online store, as these hats are the warmest things I’ve ever worn, and Icelandic sheep’s wool is water resistant– aka perfect for winter in Ottawa! I recently found out that a store in Montreal will be carrying Farmer’s Market clothing – bye, bye bank account 😉

The Blue Lagoon:

Icelandair offers a layover to destinations in Europe where you stop in Iceland and can go to the Blue Lagoon before heading back to the airport to catch your connecting flight – if you are traveling to Europe and have the time, I definitely recommend making this stop. The Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa that offers an extremely unique experience and is surrounded by gorgeous scenery that you’ll only find in Iceland. I kick myself repeatedly for not purchasing some silica mud to bring home with me – this stuff is located in large tubs throughout the outdoor baths and makes your skin feel unbelievably soft.

The Icelandic Christmas Story:

When we return to Iceland, we have to buy the story book about the Christmas trolls/Yule Lads. When we were on one of our day trips, our guide told us the story and it was probably the most unique Christmas story we’d ever heard. It’ll be an interesting one to read to Odin when he is older!


Icelandic lamb – enough said.

Also, the fish and potatoes from Icelandic Fish and Chips were delicious. We will be making a stop there when we return!

The land:

Iceland is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. I was able to stand in one spot and just by turning in a circle I was able to see glaciers, waterfalls, volcano tops and rolling hills. We got to see geysers, the impact of tectonic plates separating at Thingvellir, the Northern Lights, and so, so many other things that I could go on about forever.
IS 2


Our love of Icelandic bands existed much before our trip took place, but to this day, even Odin loves Of Monsters and Men and Sigur Rós.

IS 3

Khan Family Fun Facts

I always enjoy reading posts when fellow bloggers share some fun facts about themselves and their families. It helps us get to know the writer a bit better and creates that feeling of a more personal relationship, even though you’ve never actually met the person. Here are a few things about our family:


  1. My husband and I met in a bar – I wanted to know the score of the Red Wings game and the rest is history.
  2. I was told I wouldn’t be able to run – 6 half marathons later, I’ve learned that nothing is impossible.
  3. We got married on October 9th, 2010 and our wedding song was Adam Sandler’s “I Wanna Grow Old With You” from The Wedding Singer.
  4. We went to Iceland for our first wedding anniversary and it was truly a life changing experience.
  5. Odin’s name comes from our trip to Iceland, and his middle name, Edward, is after Ryan’s late grandfather – not the sparkly Twilight vampire.
  6. I have a ridiculous obsession with Harry Potter and the Foo Fighters.
  7. I originally wanted to be a paediatric oncologist, but ended up going to business school.
  8. When I was pregnant with Odin the only things that curbed my morning sickness were ginger ale and regular Ruffles chips (breakfast of champions!)
  9. My husband loves all animals, and Odin is following in his footsteps. Odin also loves sports, which he gets from both of us 🙂
  10. Odin went to his first NFL game (Patriots at Bills)  when he was 9 months old and his first concert (Of Monsters and Men) at 6 months.
  11. My guilty reality tv show of choice is Giuliana & Bill.
  12. Odin’s first plane ride was at 16 months – we went from Ottawa to San Francisco and he was a super flyer!
  13. When Odin was born, he was the first grandchild on both sides of our family, and the first great-great grandchild for my now late great grandmother.
  14. My husband has the largest dvd collection of anyone I know – we stopped counting after we got to 2000… (and they are sorted alphabetically).
  15. My husband loves Welland and the Niagara region as much as I do, which I love, especially since he had never even been to that area before we met.

I hope this has given you a bit more insight into our little family 🙂

Fall Favourites

I absolutely love fall. The colours, the smells, yummy fall food, Thanksgiving, Halloween, cozy clothes, Starbucks salted caramel mochas – sign me up! I particularly enjoy October, as it’s the month that my husband and I celebrate our wedding anniversary and I feel that it’s perfectly acceptable to watch Hocus Pocus every day.

Playing in the leaves when I was a kid

Playing in the leaves when I was a kid

Here are some of the fall favourites in our house:

Cozy sweaters: I recently bought some new sweaters from Zara. They are super soft and warm, making them perfect for Canadian falls and winters.

Apple crisp: My favourite fall dessert is apple crisp – especially when it’s accompanied by some vanilla ice cream. Apple crisp tastes best when it’s made with apples fresh from the orchard.

Halloween movies/tv specials: Hocus Pocus has been my all time favourite Halloween movie since I was a kid. You can usually find me watching it at any given time during the year, but I watch it way too much during October. Another fall favourite is It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. This year we also added Toy Story of Terror to our list of Halloween specials to watch.

Salted caramel mochas: I’m not a pumpkin spice person (please don’t hate me!), but I love salted caramel mocha season. This drink keeps me content until the red cups come out after Halloween.

Football: Football Sunday is a tradition in our house, as I discussed in this post here.

Pumpkin carving: My husband and I aren’t very artsy. Our pumpkin carving skills are sub par, but we enjoy picking out our pumpkin and a design to carve into it. No Halloween is complete without a pumpkin on our front step.

Leaves changing colour: We live in the country and the fall colours are BEAUTIFUL out here. I love taking family walks around our neighbourhood and watching the leaves change. I also love the sound of crunchy leaves under our feet.

What are some of the things you love about the fall?

Football Sunday

From September to February, you can find us watching football on Sunday afternoons. It’s become a tradition in our house. We make “football food” – wings, pizza, nachos, chili, etc. , and rock our Patriots jerseys on the couch. Even Odin loves football. I’m not even kidding. When he was 3 days old, a football game was on tv and he wouldn’t look away. When he was a few months old, all you had to say was “touchdown” and up went both hands.

For Week 1 this year, we went to Buffalo to cheer on our team, the Patriots. Advice: when wearing an opposing team’s jersey to an NFL game, bring a baby. Everyone loves babies. We got to the stadium early and went down to the first row to watch the Patriots warm up. Odin loved being just a few feet away from the guys he watches on tv every Sunday.

Hopefully we will be able to take him to a game each season.


Football is one of our favourite things about the fall and Football Sunday’s are just one of our family traditions. What are some of your fall family traditions?