Oiselle Wednesday: The Scantron Strappy Bra

It’s a little bit odd that I’m writing about a running bra, but when you run as much as I do, you realize how important this piece of clothing really is. A bad running bra can be painful. Finding the right running bra is like finding a four leaf clover – except you can order a bunch of them online once you find the perfect one (you know, in case they get discontinued, it’s the end of the world – or something like that).

On my quest for the perfect running bra, it didn’t surprise me that Oiselle would be the maker of the one I fell in love with. The Scantron Strappy Bra – coincidentally on sale right now – is my go to running bra. I had regular, cheap sports bras that would lose shape, were too big and lacked support. They just didn’t cut it.

After having my son and once I was done breastfeeding, my quest for the perfect running bra began. The Scantron Strappy Bra (SSB) was the first one I bought from Oiselle and I was immediately in love. This will forever be my go to running bra.

TMI alert – breastfeeding took a toll on certain body parts, so I didn’t have a lot that needed to be supported, but I like that the SSB was tighter in fit, the material doesn’t stretch out or sag over time, and the double straps were a nice change from the standard thicker straps commonly on sports bras. The double straps are also nice because I clip my iPod onto one of the straps, because I’m one of those people that needs music when I run.

The straps don’t slide around and there’s no chaffing (even when running a half marathon in the pouring rain and not wearing any glide). I consider myself to have broad shoulders, and found the bra to fit true to size (I wear a small comfortably).

I love pairing the SSB with the Winona tank from Oiselle:



Oiselle Wednesday: The Shorts that Started it All

Anyone familiar with my blog likely knows how much I love the apparel company Oiselle. I’m also a member of the Oisele Flock, which is overflowing with amazing ladies. Last week on Twitter I came across a blog series called “Oiselle Wednesday” on fellow Flock member, Cecilia’s blog, Mommies Run. I tweeted to her about how this was such a great idea for a blog series, and voila, I’ve stolen the idea and will also be doing some Oiselle Wednesday posts!

This week I’ve decided to review the Roga Shorts. Since it’s the first week of Oiselle Wednesday, the Roga Shorts were one of the first Oiselle pieces in my running wardrobe – and the are the short that started it all for Oiselle, the Roga Shorts seem like a great starting point.

Oiselle Roga Shorts

I love the waistband on these shorts. The shorts have a yoga-paint inspired waistband, making them very comfortable and flattering. The waistband doesn’t shift or bunch up, which is always an added bonus. I’m not very tall (5″3’ish) and the length suits me.

Oiselle Roga short

There are two other members in the Roga short family – the shorter Mac Roga shorts and the Long Roga Short – to suit a variety of preferences. There’s a back zipper pocket, which is always a crucial feature. I prefer my zipper pockets on the back, so these are perfect.

The material that the shorts are made out of is super soft and the shorts aren’t poofy. Another thing I like about these shorts is that they stand up to the elements. Running in the rain? Not a problem. The material doesn’t become heavy and they don’t chafe.

Price-wise, the shorts are $46 USD per pair, which is a price I’m willing to pay for a good pair of shorts that are going to last – and these definitely do. I’m a quality over quantity person and when it comes to my running gear, I’m willing to spend a little more to get something that’s of high quality and is going to last me a long time.

Stay tuned to the blog each Wednesday, where I’ll review some of my other favorite Oiselle items 🙂