This is 50: My Mom’s Surprise Birthday Party

On October 4th, it was actually my dad’s 51st birthday, but we used that as a decoy for having a surprise party for my mom’s 50th birthday which is actually on October 15th. We did our best to keep the party a surprise, and it worked, because our mom was super shocked when she arrived.

The plan was that my dad was going to tell my mom that he didn’t want to make a big deal out of his birthday and that he wanted to go out for dinner just the two of them. It was an easy story for everyone involved to commit to and was very realistic.

After a long week, my mom texted one of her friends (just before arriving) that was at the party and mentioned that she didn’t really feel like taking my dad out for dinner because she was exhausted from everything that was going on. Little did she know, but the dinner was actually for her. When her friend showed us the message, we knew she was still in the dark about the surprise. We saw my parents pull into the parking lot and my sister and I took Odin to meet them at the door. Her reaction was priceless, I wish I had recorded it.

I was so happy to surprise my mom with this party. I know it meant a lot to her to have friends and family with her to celebrate her birthday. We had lots of yummy cake and Odin provided hours of entertainment for everyone. Here are some of the pictures from her party:








Little Man, Big City

This past weekend we took Odin on his second trip to NYC. My husband has family there, so we try our best to visit each year. NYC holds a special place in my heart, as I have so many wonderful memories there with my husband and his family, and it’s also the city that witnessed our engagement back in 2009:

NYC Engagement

A few years ago on our trip, Ryan, his cousin Cyrenne, and I were in the NBC Store at the right time, and got invited to watch Jimmy Fallon test his monologue and this “Thank You Notes”. It was so, so, cool. We were there over a weekend this time, so unfortunately Odin wasn’t going to get to meet his beloved Jimmy (he freaks out when he hears the theme song for the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, we PVR it so that he can watch).

This year we drove down like we usually do, stopping at the Woodbury Commons outlets on the way. For the past two years we’ve had the best luck shopping for Odin at these outlets. We’ve been able to buy him an entire year’s worth of clothes and his winter outerwear here.

We took Ryan’s brother with us on the trip, as he had never been before. We made stops at Rockefeller, Central Park, Times Square, walked through SoHo to make stops at Trader Joe’s, then further on to Magnolia Bakery and Sockerbit (a new stop for us, which is now a must for future visits!) and down to the Ground Zero site. We spent time with my husband’s family walking through Central Park, and visiting his cousin where she works – she works for Brooklyn-based Liddabit Sweets, and their sea salt caramels are to die for! Next summer we want to go back and spend even more time in Central Park now that Odin is older and can enjoy the play areas and splash pads.

We got caught in a storm on our way back to the subway from Central Park, but Odin loved it! Odin even rode the subway like a pro:


It was such a great trip away even though it was only for a few days. We are so lucky to go there as often as we do, and we hope to continue this tradition every summer 🙂



August Long Weekend Recap

With the Civic Holiday over, another summer long weekend has come and gone. Our long weekend was the perfect balance of fun and relaxation (with a dash of housework 😉 )

On Saturday, we drove to Montreal to watch the Impact vs. Toronto FC. I bought these tickets for my husband for his birthday back in May, so it was nice to finally get to go see the same. There’s a little pizza restaurant we discovered, probably 7 years ago now, and we go there every time we’re in Montreal. This time it was nice to share in the yummy pizza with Odin. I think he liked it:


Then we walked around downtown a bit – mandatory Ben and Jerry’s visit, and a Starbucks stop to add to my city mug collection – before heading over to the stadium for the game. When I bought the tickets, we were hoping to see Jermain Defoe and Julio Cesar in action – unfortunately, Defoe was out with an injury and Cesar was sent back to England during the World Cup. Nonetheless, we had tons of fun and Odin got right into the game:

Odin watching soccer

Two years ago we went to an Impact game against the LA Galaxy (David Beckham was the main purpose of that trip) and the game was at Olympic Stadium. The game on the weekend was at Saputo Stadium, and I must say that there’s not a bad seat in that place. We were a handful of rows from the field, but I think we could have had a great view regardless of where our seats were.

On Sunday, we spent most of our time doing house and yard work. Our house is for sale, so we find ourselves cleaning much more than usual – thankfully we had Monday to finally relax a little! We also took a drive around a neighborhood that we hope to be moving to. Fingers crossed we will actually be able to sell our house, as I have been swooning over the house we have our eye on.

In my world, long weekends also equal squeezing in some additional long runs.


Odin slept in the jogging stroller for my 18km run, and the 15km run was solo. The 15km run was just a couple of seconds off of my target pace time for the Canada Army Run half marathon that I’m running in September. I still have a bit of training to do, but I’m feeling confident in my ability to achieve the time that I want to for that run.

Weekend Recap

I’ve always been a fan of the weekend, but lately I find myself looking forward to the weekend even more than usual. Perhaps it’s because it’s summer, but  it’s also because it means more time with Ryan and Odin. In the past few weeks, Odin has been changing everyday. He starts saying new words/phrases and develops new interests everyday. It’s such an exciting time!

As far as the World Cup goes, it was a disappointing weekend in our house with losses for Brazil and Argentina.

On Friday when we got home from work, we picked up Odin and went to Ryan’s parents house for his brother’s birthday. We were able to stay and visit for a bit before heading back home so that Ryan could have a quick nap before heading back into Ottawa for an overnight shift at the hospital.

On Saturday, Odin and I got up and made waffles for breakfast, watched some Jimmy Fallon on the DVR while we ate and then went for a walk to see the cows and horses at the farms down the road. After our walk we spent forever playing with Mega Bloks while Ryan slept.

odin khan

The boys sat down to watch the Brazil/Netherlands game while I went for a long run. After dinner, we took Odin for another walk to say goodnight to all of the farm animals. We went downstairs to watch some tv, and while we were playing, Odin fell and hit his head on the coffee table, which meant we were in for a long night and a trip to the hospital. We finally got back home and in bed around 1:30am.

Sunday, we were all exhausted. It was raining, which was totally fine with us, as we could use a lazy day. In between some episodes of Orange is the New Black and the World Cup final, we did laundry, vacuuming and a few other chores, as one of my closest friends was coming over for dinner and we didn’t want our house to look like a complete disaster. We had a wonderful dinner and visit, and Odin had tons of fun showing off his new tricks. Once my friend left, we started getting Odin ready for bed, which is the equivalent of herding a million cats.

Then Monday morning arrived. Still sleep deprived from Saturday, I hit snooze and did not get up for my morning run. It was probably for the best, as I seem to be having a major case of the Monday’s. Is it Friday yet?