Staycations are Sometimes the Best Vacations

It’s been a great week-long staycation in our house – aside from all three of us catching colds that is! After our trip to NYC and our upcoming trip to Boston, we wanted to take some time to relax and enjoy some more local activities as a family. We had friends over to watch football, visited with family, I got a lot of running in (next Sunday┬áis race day!) and enjoyed having some time at home. Our house is currently for sale, so we did some more cleaning and decluttering, and ran errands, went to appointments – you know, the usual stuff.

We took Odin to Cannamore Orchard to go apple picking, which was a ton of fun:


And of course Odin spotted some new animals – chickens – to make friends with:


Odin is infatuated with animals of all types. We kept seeing ads around town for a new special exhibit at the Canadian Museum of Nature here in Ottawa – Creatures of Light: Nature’s Bioluminescence. We had taken Odin to the Aquarium at the Bay in San Francisco earlier this year and he had a blast and loved looking at the jellyfish, so we knew we needed to take him to see this exhibit.

On Thursday’s from 5pm-8pm, the Museum of Nature exhibits (the regular, permanent ones) are free for the public, which meant we only had to pay $8.00 (plus tax) per adult to go, as Odin is still under the age of 2. Odin loved looking at all of the creatures glowing in the dark – especially the clownfish and the moon jellyfish. We ventured on to the bird exhibit and then to the dinosaurs, which were also a huge hit with Odin. Odin loved “driving” the bird rescue car:


On Friday, my mom came over for a visit and Odin enjoyed showing grandma how he completes his puzzles, pulls his wagon and all of his other newfound skills. It’s so fun watching the two of them together.

The remainder of our staycation was spent relaxing and getting prepped for the week ahead. After being sick all week, the three of us just wanted to lay low and watch football. I baked apple crisp with our apples from the orchard, baked M&M blondie bars (recipe here) and made homemade soup using a recipe that my sister taught me last year – she is the soup queen!

Now it’s back to work and back to daycare for us!