An Odin Update

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a complete update on Odin, who is now 2 years, 3 months old. So here’s what he’s been up to:

Odin’s beloved Patriots won the Superbowl and Odin was very excited about this. It’s amazing how quickly he recognizes the Patriots. There was a sports memorabilia stand set up in Costco in Ottawa, where there was a signed photo of Gronk spiking the football and Odin started cheering and pointing when he saw the picture. Needless to say, the photo is now in our home, and was an early birthday present to Ryan.


Mom went away for her first business trip alone, and when I got back, Odin and I had a much needed ice cream date together. It’s nice to have someone around who shares my love of ice cream, except when he tries to eat out of my bowl instead of his.



Odin announced that he is going to be a big brother in July. He waves hi and bye to my belly and gets up close to it and shouts ‘hi’ when he wants to ‘talk to the baby’. It’s adorable.





We moved to a new house (this was the house as it was being built, right now it’s covered in snow). Odin loves his new house because it’s a few doors down from a huge park and when he first came in, he saw his lime green walls from the old house had followed him to the new house. We painted the interior of our home the exact same as our old house – both houses were custom builds, and we weren’t planning on moving when the first house was built, so we had only lived there for 2.5 years. I’m so glad we made the house seem as familiar to Odin as possible, as it has made the adjustment much easier.


Odin loves puzzles and books, especially books that make sounds. He also loves to draw, but mostly with markers, and on himself. He is still Lego obsessed and loves music. His current jam is ‘Uptown Funk’. He is a dancing machine when he hears that song. Odin has gotten extremely chatty and is getting away from his shy phase. Every store we visit he says ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ to the cashier, hands over my Starbucks cards thinking he can pay for groceries with it, and loves riding in the shopping cart. As with the Movie ‘Planes’, Odin can’t get enough of Thomas and Friends and Planes: Fire and Rescue. I’ve lost count, but in the past week alone we’ve averaged roughly 5 viewings of that movie each day (he watches intently for a bit, then plays, but don’t think you can change the tv even if he isn’t paying attention, he has a sixth sense). Odin is getting really chatty and it’s not just gibberish anymore. He comes up with the funniest sayings. He is also very good at using his manners – saying ‘please’, ‘thank you’ and ‘you’re welcome’, which is also sometimes ‘I welcome’ instead of thank you.


Odin is super helpful and loves to ‘be a big boy’ – his words. He loves to vacuum, help bake cookies, put laundry in the wash, ‘fold’ laundry, and loves the broom. He feeds Reese at breakfast and supper and I love the look on his face when he does these things, he is so proud of himself.




A Very Delayed Vacation Recap: Boston

In October we went to Boston for a few days. Upon arrival in the Boston area, we drove out to Newton, where my husband dropped me off so my running-obsessed-self could go run the Newton Hills and Heartbreak Hill section of the Boston Marathon. It was glorious, but I also know that those hills are not so glorious when you’ve already run 25+ kilometers. The neighborhood and the Boston College campus are so beautiful!

After my run, we went to Wahlburgers for dinner, but there were no Wahlburgs there that night ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I’m seriously hoping that the people who opened a Wahlburgers in Toronto open one in Ottawa asap. We checked in to our hotel and got settled. Odin played with blocks and then we all passed out. We spent the following day touring Boston. We walked all over and went to TD Garden to take pictures for Ryan’s dad who is a Bruins fan, walked through Beacon Hill, the Boston Public Gardens, Cheers and Copley Square. I took a zillion photos of anything that had to do with the Boston Marathon, and my drive to qualify for it (and run a full marathon) went into overdrive.





The people in Boston were soooo friendly! We ventured into a lot of running stores and all of the people in there chatted about different races and products – I was in heaven.

The following day we drove out to explore Cape Cod. We did the entire Cape, stopping to take pictures at the Cape Cod Light and then spending the rest of the day in Provincetown. We picked up some delicious salt water taffy and enjoyed being outside. Odin loved playing in the sand. there were quite a few places that had already closed for the season which was unfortunate, but we had a great time!






Thursday was game day. The main reason for the trip. We are HUGE Patriots fans. We’ve always gone to see the Patriots play in Buffalo because it’s easier to get tickets and slightly closer to home, but this was our first time to Foxboro and Gillette Stadium and it did not disappoint. We purchased tons of Patriots gear, and even scored free hats. It was the Thursday Night Football game, so it was cool to be there to experience the live broadcast – where we got to be steps away from Robert Kraft, Deion Branch and Ty Law. We went closer to the field to take some pictures.




At half time there was a ceremony to celebrate Ty Law’s induction to the Patriots Hall of Fame that happened over the summer.

The Patriots won, keeping us on the edge of our seats until the last minute by blocking a field goal that could have resulted in a loss.

It was such a great trip and we accomplished a lot when we were there. We will definitely be back!

Fans of Football Sunday

In our house, Sunday’s are for football. Odin was born on a Thursday, and on the Sunday was already hooked on football (he may have only been a few days old, but it’s true). It was likely the vibrant green of the football field that caught his attention, but then we also noticed him sleeping with his arms up at the sides of his head in the ‘touchdown’ position. IMG_0277 Football season isn’t very long, so on Sunday’s you can find us watching the games, cheering on our Patriots and cooking up goodies from our ‘football menu’ – mostly very yummy, but not the healthiest snacks. Happy football Sunday everyone! Patriots Game

Planning a Trip to Boston!

In October we will be heading to Boston and I cant’ wait. for. this. trip!

Our trip takes us from our home, down to Buffalo, NY and then down to Boston. We have tickets for the Patriots in Buffalo on October 12 for our 4 year wedding anniversary, and then we have more tickets for the Thursday night game in Foxboro, where the Patriots will play the Jets. We are a football loving family, so we are so pumped about this trip! Odin has had a love for football since he was 3 days old, and already know what “Tom Brady throws” and “what Gronk catches”- see his touchdown arms below:



When we arrive in Boston, my husband is driving me to a spot where I can run the dreaded Newton Hills. I’ve mapped out a 10km stretch of the Boston Marathon route to run, and it’s going to be hilly! I eventually hope to run the Boston Marathon one day, so I wanted to run part of the route while we are there, and it just made sense to run the toughest part. I know it won’t equate to the experience of running the hills approximately 25km into the 42.2km run, so I will savour the run, because hopefully the next time I set foot on those hills, it will be as a marathon participant ๐Ÿ™‚

We plan to spend time in Boston, going to Cheers, some running shops, TD arena, Fenway, then spend a day on Cape Cod, and then game day in Foxboro at Patriots Place and the Patriots hall of fame.

Food stops include Wahlburgers, the Cheesecake Factory (a must in every city we travel to) some yummy seafood on the Cape (looking for restaurant suggestions!) and of course Dunkin’ Donuts.

I’ve mentioned a few of ourย plans for our trip, but we are also looking for suggestions! Feel free to leave a comment with any of your Boston “must-sees/must-dos”!


Feelin’ Like Fall…In August

It’s bad enough that we had what seemed like the longest winter ever here in Ottawa, but this week it feels like summer left us too ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I love, love, love fall, but I’m not ready for it yet. Ready for football, yes, ready for chilly weather, not so much.

Patriots Game

Here are some of the things I’m loving right now, as well as things we love about the fall:

  • Football – we are die hard Patriots fans in our house. Odin has loved football since he was three days old (I’m not even joking) and attended his first NFL game at 9 months old. This fall, we are fortunate enough to be going to see the Patriots in Buffalo and then 5 days after that, watching the Patriots play at home in Foxborough!
  • New England in the fall – we will be in Boston and Vermont in October and I can’t wait. It’s the perfect time to be going there, not to mention, lots of football too ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Starbucks Salted Caramel Mochas – my favourite fall drink will be returning soon!!
  • Essie nail polish in hot coco – I love this shade for fall. You can check it out here.
  • Oiselle Hayward Track Pants – I usually don’t like pants that come in at the ankle, but these pants are an exception. So comfortable and the material is unlike any other. It’s not a surprise that I love these pants, considering I’ve fallen in love with every piece of clothing I’ve purchased from Oiselle. I’m rocking these pants today because it’s a wee bit cold in Ottawa today, and I love any excuse to wear these pants ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Nuun Hydration – I’ve recently started using the Nuun Hydration tabs and I love them. The grape flavour is my favourite so far. I ordered some of the Nuun Energy tabs and can’t wait to try those.

Football Sunday

From September to February, you can find us watching football on Sunday afternoons. It’s become a tradition in our house. We make “football food” – wings, pizza, nachos, chili, etc. , and rock our Patriots jerseys on the couch. Even Odin loves football. I’m not even kidding. When he was 3 days old, a football game was on tv and he wouldn’t look away. When he was a few months old, all you had to say was “touchdown” and up went both hands.

For Week 1 this year, we went to Buffalo to cheer on our team, the Patriots. Advice: when wearing an opposing team’s jersey to an NFL game, bring a baby. Everyone loves babies. We got to the stadium early and went down to the first row to watch the Patriots warm up. Odin loved being just a few feet away from the guys he watches on tv every Sunday.

Hopefully we will be able to take him to a game each season.


Football is one of our favourite things about the fall and Football Sunday’s are just one of our family traditions. What are some of your fall family traditions?