Birth Story for Baby #2: Lennon Elizabeth

Back when I was pregnant, I had every intention of documenting my pregnancy on this blog. Those ambitions got derailed pretty quickly. However, I often start writing a post, leave it unfinished, and, well, it stays unfinished. I’d like to blog more regularly, but for now, I’ll do a quick catch up post. Weeks 20-40 of my pregnancy were busy with work and life in general. I took most of July off on vacation to spend some extra time with Odin before his sibling arrived – we didn’t find out the gender until baby was born.

Due date: August 2nd.

On August 2nd, after weeks of our neighbourhood being on baby watch, I started having contractions. We went for a walk around lunch time, and many people stopped us to see how I was holding up. During these conversations I left out the part that I was timing my contractions while we were walking. Around 4:30 that day, my contractions had been getting closer together, and we live half an hour from the hospital, but I didn’t feel like it was time to leave yet.

Fortunately my husband felt it was go time, and called his parents to watch Odin. When they arrived, I was leaning on a chair during a contraction and told them there’s a chance we’d be sent home. His mom looked at me as if to say “yeah, right”.

We got to the hospital and once there was a room for me, I went onto the bed so that they could start the assessment and hook up the monitor to my belly. As soon as the nurse went to buckle the monitor, my water broke – it was 6pm. Roughly 6 contractions later I was pushing, and at 6:47pm Lennon Elizabeth Khan entered the world weighing a whopping 6lbs 10oz and was waving to her momma.


She was very hungry and wanted to nurse right away. I was so thankful that breastfeeding went well for us as it had with Odin. I didn’t have any stitching that needed to be done and everything went as well as it could. I was so lucky to have such a short and easy labour – I didn’t have drugs for the delivery of either of my children, which was what I had been hoping for each time (and thankful to have been able to follow ‘the plan’).

IMG_0510Around 8-8:30, Ryan’s parents came to the hospital with Odin. Odin was a bit nervous to see me on the hospital bed, but I was able to walk around and carry on as I normally did, so he was fine once he realized I was ok. He loved his sister from the very moment he saw her.

My labour with Odin had been very quick, and all I had been told was that it’s even faster the second time. In my case, they weren’t kidding. 47 minutes after getting into the hospital bed I was holding my little baby girl. The one that would complete our family.

Lennon is now just over one month old and the transition from one to two children has been busy, but honestly not as chaotic as I was expecting. I’ve learned that routines are important, especially for Odin, and that I always need to have a snack or something close by when nursing Lennon – because that’s always the time when Odin decides he is hungry.


Week 18

I felt like the first trimester was NEVER going to end. I had weekly doctors appointments and blood work, I was extremely sick and keeping the pregnancy a secret over the holidays isn’t an easy task. But we managed, and here we are, two weeks away from being halfway there!

How far along are you: 18 weeks.

Cravings: Billy Miner pie from The Keg. When I get a craving, it’s always very specific.

Weight gain: 7-8lbs, differs based on the day and time.

Maternity clothes: I still can’t believe I’m typing ‘no’ right now. The bump is finally starting to make an appearance though:


Movement: Not much. The occasional flip or flop, but that’s all. It was the same way with Odin. I rarely ever felt movement or Braxton Hicks, even though both of those things were happening.

Gender: Waiting until delivery to find out.

Best moment this week: Finally getting into a routine. With the move and starting a new job, the last month has been pretty hectic. We also FINALLY got our fridge delivered – it was a very long debacle and I’m so glad it’s over. We also got to visit with Ryan’s grandmother and some of his uncles, and my family got together for dinner at our new home on Sunday. It was nice to have everyone together, and of course, Odin loved showing off his new big boy room.

Running: This week my blood pressure (which is pretty low to begin with) dropped even more, and I’ve developed anemia again with this pregnancy (it’s amazing how the second trimester is a mirror image of my pregnancy with Odin), which had me feeling a bit sluggish for a couple of days. I still managed to run 5 of 7 days for a total of 57km. At this point in my pregnancy with Odin, I think I had dropped down to 5km per run and was maybe running 4 times a week. However, back then it was a really hot summer and I didn’t have a treadmill like I do now. It’s been absolutely freezing here, so my weekly mileage would likely be a big fat zero if it weren’t for my treadmill (too icy and slippery – too afraid of falling).

Week 17

I’m going to do my best to commit to weekly, more likely bi-weekly, pregnancy updates. I did a terrible job documenting my pregnancy with Odin, and haven’t done a great job so far this time around either :/

We finally broke the news around week 13 that I was pregnant:

IMG_0085 IMG_0084

How far along are you: 17 weeks with baby #2!!!

Cravings: Chicken Pad Thai…All. The. Time. Apples. Grapes. Really cold fruit in general.

Weight gain: 6-ish pounds. I was really sick for a lot of weeks, and my appetite is finally getting back to normal.

Maternity clothes: Not yet – still able to wear my jeans and regular clothes (I still can’t believe this!).

Movement: None that really sticks out. The occasional flutter, but with Odin, the location of my placenta made it difficult to feel movement, so the same thing could be happening this time too.

Gender: We are waiting until delivery just like we did with Odin. If I had to guess, I’d say boy again, but I really have no clue.

Best moment this week: I’m going to say still being able to run and still being pregnant. It was such a rocky road to get here, and I’m so thankful for it everyday. I am also happy that IPS tests came back clear and I am off of weekly doctors and blood work appointments (I was closely monitored for 13 weeks based on my miscarriage history).

Running: I’m going to add this in each week since running is still an option for me 🙂 I had a lot of great runs, but one on Friday that just didn’t feel right so I stopped. Also, fellow Oiselle Flock Member Emily Hess over at Pages of Miles posted an Instagram photo of a shirt she had gotten that was a pair of running shoes made to look like a set of lungs. IT was super cool and I needed to know the meaning behind it. In a nutshell, it’s in support of the Let’s Rock CF campaign to raise funds and awareness for Cystic Fibrosis Research. You bet I ordered one immediately!

Worst moment: I think I’m going to leave this out in the future. I find it hard to come up with something for this – and I don’t really like thinking about these types of things.

We are finally getting settled into our new home, and I’m adjusting to my new job where I am fortunate to be able to work from home now. These two things make life so much easier now and we’re so blessed with the opportunities 2015 has given us – and it’s only February!

I wish I had done a better job at documenting running through pregnancy #1 to compare to pregnancy #2. I feel a lot better running through this pregnancy, and last time I stopped running around the 6 month mark. I think the fact that it’s winter and I have a treadmill in my house have made this easier, as when I was pregnant with Odin, I was pregnant throughout the summer months. It would just be nice to compare the two experiences since running is a huge part of who I am.

Third Time is a Charm?!

To say we’ve had a lot going on lately would be an understatement. One thing that seems to be a common trend though is that the third time seems to be a charm. We listed our house three separate times and on the third time it sold. Also, I suffered two miscarriages in 2014, only to find out the day before Odin’s second birthday that I was pregnant – the third time in 2014. The difference? I am still pregnant.

Seeing a + on the pregnancy test evoked a lot of emotions – I was too scared to get excited, because I had miscarried twice between 5.5 and 6 weeks pregnant. Once week 5 day 4 rolled around, I found myself holding my breath. This would be a trend for almost everyday until I hit 8 weeks pregnant. Except for the time I started bleeding at 6 weeks pregnant, the bleeding stopped after a few hours and I rushed to the hospital to learn (to my surprise) I didn’t miscarry – I was still pregnant! Now, shy of 17 weeks, I find myself still holding my breathe, but beginning to breathe a bit easier each day.

As soon as I got a positive test, I went straight to my doctor. He had told me after miscarriage #2 that he wanted to do some blood work the day I got a positive test. So I did. Then, it was weekly blood work, appointments and the occasional ultrasound. It was very different than when I was pregnant with Odin. With Odin, I got pregnant on our first attempt and had a super smooth pregnancy and delivery. I felt reassured with the additional doctor’s appointments, but it was so hard to not get too far ahead of myself – which honestly, is kind of sad, but that was my headspace. I knew all to well what could happen, and my bubble had already been burst a few times within the year.

Now, my perspective has become brighter and I worry less about what could happen and simply enjoy being pregnant and getting through each milestone. I’m so, so excited for Odin to become a big brother!

From this point out, I’ll be sharing weekly pregnancy updates and am also willing to answer questions anyone has. Dealing with conception can be frustrating, but no one needs to go through it on their own 🙂

Jogging Strollers and Running with a Baby

4 weeks after I had Odin, I put on my running clothes, laced up my Mizunos and went downstairs to my treadmill. I had been looking forward to running again, as it is a big part of my life. Luckily, the healing process after labour and delivery was pretty quick for me. Three days after I had Odin we were out walking 3-4km at a time.

I took a slow and steady approach to getting back into running. I started out by running 3-4km at a time and settled at a pace that I found comfortable. For the first few weeks, I would run on my treadmill (it was January at this point) after my husband got home from work. After a few weeks, I started running while Odin napped. He would nap in the same room as my treadmill so that I could keep an eye on him while he slept. I was surprised at how quickly I was able to add distance, but it took me awhile (8-10 weeks or so) to get my pace back to what it was before I had Odin. Within a few weeks, I was able to run 10km without stopping, but the distance I ran was usually determined by how long Odin napped for.

Baby Trend Expedition

Once April and the warmer weather rolled around, I went back to running outside. It actually felt weird to run outside, which was something I never expected. It took a few runs to get use to it again, especially because I was running with a jogging stroller. Each time I ran, it was a great way for Odin to get some fresh air (and a nap!) and it was a way for me to feel more like myself again. After a week with the jogging stroller, I was fully adjusted and ready to start adding longer runs into my schedule. Odin would often nap in the jogging stroller, so some days I would run until he woke up – an easy way to get a long run out of the way.

The Stroller

The stroller we have is the Baby Trend Expedition. We have the green one, as we purchased the stroller before Odin was born and we didn’t find out the gender. The stroller has three wheels – one in the front and two larger ones in the back. When running, always lock the front wheel or else the stroller shakes. Once the wheel is locked, it’s smooth sailing!

Jogging Stroller

The stroller is a travel system, so Odin has been in the car seat and able to face me so I can see him while I run. The stroller is easy to collapse and comes with drink holders and trays, so there is no need to purchase the extra accessories. The feature that had me sold on this stroller was the iPod hookup. There’s a spot to connect your iPod/iPhone or MP3 player to the speaker jack. The sound is actually really good, and is the perfect solution to adding some music to your run without wearing earphones. I would definitely recommend this stroller to other runners. It isn’t too bulky and is still fairly easy to push when it’s really windy out. It also goes on sale a few times a year at Babies R Us.

Running During Pregnancy

For those of you that don’t know me, I’m a runner. In this post, I want to focus on what I did to continue running throughout my pregnancy with Odin. In a second post, I’ll cover running after pregnancy and selecting a jogging stroller 🙂

Pre-pregnancy, I would run roughly 10km a day, and long runs on the weekend would range from 15-25km per run. That’s a lot of kilometers each week. When my husband and I decided to start trying for a baby, I modified my training schedule. I run with a Garmin, so I was able to make sure I was running at a slower pace and started to cut back on the distances I was running. For some reason, I thought that making these adjustments before I got pregnant would be beneficial.

Ottawa Race Weekend Half Marathon, 2010 (I think)

Ottawa Race Weekend Half Marathon, 2010 (I think)

Once I found out I was pregnant, I wasn’t overly concerned about continuing to run, as I had been running for a long time beforehand and had done a lot of reading about running while pregnant. However, I knew I needed to make some changes. I discussed my previous running schedule with my doctor (as anyone should do with any exercise routine when pregnant) and we worked out a plan to stay safe while running when pregnant.

Some of the things I did to continue running while pregnant included:

  • Monitoring my heart rate to keep it below 140
  • Run shorter distances
  • Slow my pace down
  • Avoided running when it was too hot out
  • Ran with water to stay hydrated
  • Stuck close to home in case of emergency (or pee breaks) – I actually resorted to running up and down my street so that my house was close by and left my water at the end of my driveway. My neighbours probably thought I was crazy, but if I needed to pee, I wanted to do it at home.
  • Listened to my body

I adjusted this plan by further reducing distance and pace as my pregnancy progressed. I also added some walking into my runs to give myself a bit of a break. Listening to my body was extremely important. There were days I wanted to run, but my body definitely didn’t, so I listened. I stopped running and resorted to walking when I was 6.5 months pregnant. By that point, I was big, it was a hot summer, and running just didn’t feel the same. I was happy I was able to run for as long as I did, as I believe that exercise while pregnant is extremely important and played a huge role in the way I felt during and after my pregnancy.

Are you a runner who ran while pregnant? What adjustments did you make to continue running while pregnant?

Stay tuned for part 2, where I will talk about how I started running again once Odin was born and the life saver that is my jogging stroller.